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Divorce with Dignity for Couples

If you want to avoid a destructive divorce and change the way you relate to each other, long after the lawyers leave, The Divorce With Dignity programme will deliver your intention to complete your relationship respectfully and emerge positively from divorce.

Right now, are you getting divorced and experiencing:

• The pain of separation?

• The challenge of living separate lives under the same roof? Challenges juggling the kids, the finances, work and coping with your divorce?

• Difficulty in communicating with your spouse?

• An ‘emotional stalemate’ where either of you is digging in your heels over ‘whatever’?

• Challenging behaviours?

• Then you are not alone. 9 out of 10 people experience a roller coaster of emotions whilst trying to cope with everyday practicalities and facing an uncertain future. If you truly want to:

• Avoid bitterness and battles

• Drop the drama

• Agree a fair settlement

• Parent effectively in the future

• Get your identity back

• Let go of the past

• Take charge of your life

• Emerge positively from your divorce….

then it’s a shame not to know how Divorce with Dignity when other couples do it so easily.

As the UK’s leading relationship counsellor I help couples discover how to master the skills for a Dignified Divorce no matter what challenges you face right now. Lets look at the two ways to divorce.

The Old Way

The old way of divorcing was to go straight to your lawyer and ‘battle it out’ with your ex in retribution for the pain and hurt you were feeling. This led to spending thousands of your own hard earned money and resulted in a damaged relationship with your ex, which is horrible if you have kids together. The old way is very stressful and does not give you skills to manage your divorce amicably or show you how to move forward quickly and positively in your life. Typically it took years to ‘get over it’.

The New Way

We have evolved our thinking and everything we know about the impact of divorce. It doesn’t have to be that difficult any more. People are able to do it differently and With Dignity.

Divorcing with Dignity is the new way. Can you imagine understanding:

• How you got to ‘here’ from ‘there’.

• How it happened and Why it happened

• What you need to do in order to move forward with your life

• Predictable ways of thinking and behaving that you will experience during divorce

• How to overcome loneliness, sadness and guilt

• How to have down to earth common sense communicate with your ex without it ending in upset

• How to cope with the pain and uncertainty and stay in control

• How to retain you identity and maintain your dignity…always

• How to create clarity and focus going forward

• How to juggle parenting, work and time for you

• How to avoid making the same mistakes in the future

• How to manage, the biggest obstacle you really face - your own emotions

When you achieve this understanding you can:

• Become aware of how you and your partner triggered pain in each other

• Talk to your ex like a human being

• Work together to agree the practicalities (because you’ll have the skills)

• Become free of old reactive ways

• Better understand, and accept your ex

• Let go – really let go!

• Use what you’ve learned in future relationships

• Re-learn how to find and keep the love you want going forward.

What Does Divorcing with Dignity Mean?

Divorcing With Dignity means having the intention to respect the other person and remember the good times you once shared. Yes, It requires a certain strength of character at a time when many people want to hold on to their hurt and anger and use the legal process to punish each other. But punishment is not part of The Divorce With Dignity Programme. Understanding is.

What Will It Give Me?

When you understand what led to your relationship breakdown, you won’t believe what you’ll witness in your relationship. In fact your divorce could easily be the most revealing time of your entire life. Ultimately the Divorce With Dignity Programme will change the way you relate to each other long after the lawyers leave the building. And it will impact how you’ll relate in your future intimate relationships forever. What would that give you that you wouldn’t otherwise have?

What Types of People Divorce With Dignity?

I have have worked with hundreds of men and women from every walk of life. Divorce crosses cultures, religions and genders. There is no typical client. It makes no difference if you are a CEO, a Banker, an Actor, a Housewife, in the Services, a Landscape Gardner or in the Media. The Number One skill you want to know is how you can make the transition from being part of a couple to being successfully divorced.

The Programme

This is a collaborative programme with initial individual sessions. The purpose of this is so that you have an opportunity to tell me your own personal challenges in a safe environment. These sessions will prepare you for your joint sessions with your partner/spouse.

The Individual Sessions

• 1 x 30 minute individual Skype or Telephone 'Assessment' Session.On this call, I'll find out about you and your current situation. You'll tell me about your own specific challenges practically and emotionally. By the end of the call, you'll be clear about what you want and how I will help you to get it.

• 1 x 2 hour individual Skype, Face to Face, or telephone meetings, plus homework

• 1 x 1 hour individual Skype or telephone follow up meeting to deepen your learning and prepare for our joint sessions.

By the end of these sessions, you’ll each have a complete understanding of how and why you ‘operate’ the way you do in relationship. And how that has impacted your relationship. You’ll have some truly eye opening homework to complete. And, you’ll be able to create immediate changes that will allow your dignified divorce.

The Joint Facilitated Sessions

•4 x 2 hour Skype, Face to Face Meetings.

Both of you join together with me for your joint facilitated sessions. Using a specific dialogue technique you’ll create respectful communication whilst holding on to your integrity.

You’ll gain insights and understandings that cross an invisible bridge into your spouse’s world. You’ll understand what happened, why it happened, and how to effectively collaborate with each other to reach an agreed settlement that works for you both.


• Everything we do together will be written down.

• You will never leave a session without structured homework that deepens your learning and builds on our time together.

• You’ll have access to me via email to support you throughout our work together.

• I’ll support you to create clarity from confusion and outline the easy, compassionate and dignified way to navigate your divorce.

Your Best Possible Outcome

However bad things seem right now, isn’t it comforting to know that you will get over your divorce. Whilst reading this, you might already have started to become aware of the impact this will have on your future relationship after divorce and on you personally. People can change their reactions towards each other immediately because of the understanding gained in the sessions. One of the things that I love about this work, is when couples realise that there is a significant difference between what they make up about why their spouses behave they way they do and why their spouses really behave the way they do. Can you imagine the impact that has?

I promise all my clients, when you use all these emotional and practical skills you will emerge buoyant not bitter from your divorce. In fact when you Divorce With Dignity, your can view your divorce as an unparalleled opportunity for your own personal growth and future life.

Don’t wait for things to get better by themselves. You’ve already tried that and they didn’t. Make a decision right now and then take action. Go ahead and contact me by email: [email protected]

From my heart to yours,

Francine x

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Registered Office

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501 Centennial Park

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Person Centred Counsellor

CTI Life Coach

Imago Clinical Therapist

Imago Facilitator

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ADR Family Facilitator

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