Hi, I'm Francine Kaye,

the UK's Leading Relationship Coach

I help people make relationships work........together or apart.


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I help individuals and couples have successful relationships. Sometimes that's helping people who want to stay together, even when they can barely look each other in the eye. Sometimes that's helping people who are on the brink of divorce and they want to do it with dignity. Other times I help people who have just found each other and want to make it work, because they are fed up of carrying their past relationship baggage into every new relationship.


Are you unhappy in your relationship?

Do you keep hoping he or she will change?

How would you feel if you were completely connected to each other, and able to be yourself?

When couples are in upset its as though they have never even met each other. The reality of their relationship lies in two very old stories that just need telling.

Is your relationship more painful than pleasurable? Are you

struggling to stay together?

Is it difficult to talk to your Partner?

How would it be to fall back in true ‘like’ with your partner?

I know it’s hard right now, but the truth is any conflict is a point of
growth for a couple. The measure of a lasting relationship is having
the courage to grow through the conflict together and reap the
rewards that are waiting for you on the other side


Divorce with Dignity

Do you feel like you are starring in the soap opera from hell?

Are you finding it hard to cope with the pain of separation?

Would you prefer to communicate clearly with your ex?

Do you want to avoid bitterness and battles over everything from the children to the finances?

How would it be to feel peaceful inside yourself?

Learn how to lower your emotional temperature, maintain your dignity, regain your identity, communicate effectively and emerge positively when it’s all over.

Are you looking for love?

Do you want to keep the love you’ve found?

Do you want an amazing relationship that lasts?

What would it be like to be with someone who only wants the best
for you?

Come with me on a fascinating journey of self-discovery and find out what you do, why you do it and who you are in a relationship. You may be surprised to find out how you are unconsciously influencing what you receive.


Are you thinking of leaving your

Perhaps you have already left and are wondering if you made the right choice or perhaps you are in the throes of separation and divorce with all the turmoil and uncertainty that brings.

Today I saved another relationship. Yes, I know that’s what I do but the enormity of helping a couple to rebuild their relationship never ever fails to humble and inspire me. For two people to let me in to their lives and allow me to take them on a journey...

You’d think, wouldn’t you that Love should be easy? After all, what’s so hard? You meet someone, you click, you communicate, you get physically attracted, it’s like you’ve known each other for years and its only been ten hours and the romance has begun.

don't just take my word for it, see what my clients have to say

Francine, you were recommended to me by a good friend of mine. She was certain you would be able to help us. My relationship with my partner was crumbling and despite trying many things to stop us from walking away from each other, nothing seemed to be working. The more we tried the worse it got. In fact when we came to see you, we had very little communication with each other for a month prior to meeting you. You were our last hope and you came highly recommended. When I got in touch with you, I was extremely down, anxious and very distressed not to mention confused. I was searching for some answers and clarity. Were we able to salvage our relationship? If not how would we walk away from each other without feeling angry and bitter towards each other.

The amazing thing about you Francine is how quickly you were able to understand us both and work out why we behaved the way we did with each other. I felt completely safe and at ease with you and my partner who is a very private man, you were able to get him to open up completely with the greatest of ease. I would look forward to your sessions each week. To me you were our life line.

At the end of our sessions with you, I had total clarity, I understood my partner and I believe he me too, far more than we ever had in the past. You provided us with some solid tools to work with and we certainly did test these when we had a blip. We were now equipped with a higher level of thinking, not just in our relationship but in every other aspect of our life.

Francine, again I will reiterate you were truly our life line and I would not hesitate at all to recommend you to anybody. You have a completely different approach when you counsel. Your energy, your empathy, your knowledge, your structured approach truly differentiates you from the rest.

All my love.


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