Save Your Relationship

Today I saved another relationship. Yes, I know that’s what I do but the enormity of helping a couple to rebuild their relationship never ever fails to humble and inspire me. For two people to let me in to their lives and allow me to take them on a journey...

to discover their most vulnerable self and let that self be known, because they so much want to save their marriage is a privilege I do not take for granted.

Sometimes couples are not sure that their marriage or long-term relationship can be saved. As we begin our work together and we peel away the layers that have become their way of seeing the world, they get to see the role they have played in their relationship. When they see this, its like a light is turned on. They get to understand how they have at least part responsibility in they way their relationship looks right now.

‘It takes two’ may be a worn out cliché but it still applies to every relationship. Even if you are sure that it is not your behaviour that is at fault, it’s really impossible that your behaviour has not, in part, contributed to your situation. My job is to help you understand that contribution, not to attribute blame on either of you, just because if you can understand how your way of the seeing the world has been in opposition with the way your partner sees the world, you have a whole different possibility going forward.

Are you willing to see the world through their eyes and move towards a compassionate understanding of their position, or do you want to hold on to being right about how wrong they are and risk ending your relationship? If you take that path without fully understanding what went wrong and why, you are much more likely to repeat the same patterns in the next relationship until one day, generally after quite a few painful experiences, you finally understand how the role you play impacts your partner.

Quite simply most marriages and long-term relationships have an exceptionally good chance of being saved if the two people are willing to look at their own roles and take part responsibility for its breakdown. Then with the right skills and strategies that I will show you, it’s easy to put it back together again.

Before you throw in the towel, just consider that there could be a way that your relationship could be saved. If you are willing to suspend your belief, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. 

Let me help you to save your relationship or marriage just like the one I saved today.

From my heart to yours,

Francine x



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