Coaching for Creatives

Creatives Change Perception

As one of the most experienced Life Coaches in the UK, I coach Creatives who challenge our perception and change our futures with their imaginations and their skills. When I am coaching creatives in all medias, in fashion, design, in music and in the arts, we have a joint purpose: to keep their passion powerful, hold their visioned intention and consistently support them to achieve their highest ideal.

shutterstock 225335341Our world needs creative brave souls, willing to stand up for what they believe, showing us the new and the different and the unique; stretching us beyond our perceptions of what is, to what can be.
As a Creatives Coach my strengths lie in offering the skills and tools to keep creatives inspired, motivated and excited to celebrate their growth and achievements.

Creativity comes from the soul and I always say that if the soul could speak it would express itself through our individual values. I steer individuals to live and work in alignment with their personal values. I encourage and promote their ultimate contribution to the world (locally and globally) using their innate talents and intuitive knowing of who they are and what they have to offer. I compassionately understand the strength of obstacles that individuals encounter and help them understand why they encounter them and how to overcome them. Perceived obstacles will always be there on the road to growth and are road blocks that offer moments of reflection, repair and renewal. I celebrate and embrace them as part of the growth process, they are, what I call, gifts in the garbage and when conquered are liberating and joyous. Performance is about congruence. Being the same on the outside as you are on the inside - in alignment with your values and being totally grateful for the opportunity to play full out even when the going gets tough. This is the way I have coached for nearly 20 years, inspiring new perspectives that lead to individuals loving their lives, knowing when to push forward, when to hold back and when to simply rest and allow consolidation to take place. Coaching is my passion and my creativity and what I have to offer may creative clients.

My Clients
I have worked with owners advertising agencies and their teams, with a top interior designer coaching all her staff every year for the past 6 years, with radio presenters and tv presenters, journalists, make up artists, individuals in the music industry and several actors. I also work with Mastered who accelerate the careers of professionals working with the fashion industry, make up and photography.

Why Work With Me
For all the above reasons. Plus I understand the self doubt that hits creatives just before a breakthrough. I understand the fears of comparison and (god forbid) rejection. I understand the hard slog of holding on to your vision and not getting chosen and still holding on to your dreams. I understand the joy of winning and validation and acknowledgement and being your purpose in the world. I know what its like to start a new business and define yourself in a world where only the most passionate and most determined survive and I will be by your side every step of the way. Working with me is not fluffy. You will be taking notes and working hard. You will leave each and every session with the right skills and tools to support you in taking the actions that move you towards your vision and hold you accountable. This is a relationship, between yourself and your work. A relationship based on who you are now and who you will become and the contribution you will make to the world. If this is who you are, then I can promise that I will be your Coach who consistently waves your flag, knowing, as you know deep inside you, that You Can Do It and we will do it together.

Lets Get Started:

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